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Installation Instructions

First run the sql file in your my sql server where mediawiki is installed. then copy the files in the appropriate folders as i have maintained. (eg: skins folder indicates to the skins folder under your mediawiki installation.) after doing so, add the following line at the end of the
LocalSettings.php file.

include "includes/SpecialPageRank.php";

now run the mediawiki, it will be there.


If problems installing

Just drop the tables you have created using the sql command i sent you (articleratinghistory and articlerating). and recreate them. the problem will be solved. run the sql directly in the server or from phpmyadmin.

CREATE TABLE `articleratinghistory` (
`articleID` INT NOT NULL ,
`articleName` VARCHAR( 250 ) NOT NULL ,
`totalRatings` INT NOT NULL ,
`totalPoints` INT NOT NULL ,
PRIMARY KEY ( `articleID` )

CREATE TABLE `articleratinghistory` (
`articleID` INT NOT NULL ,
`userName` VARCHAR( 50 ) NOT NULL ,
`articleRating` TINYINT NOT NULL