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                                  Database Budgeting

1) The main factors to consider in budgeting for an enterprise-wide database system

          Some factors to consider when budgeting for enterprise databases are

 Business Data Needs – The type of database a company uses should be rely on it’s data needs and the budget should be planed accordingly.

 Software costs – Price is of course important if the budget is tight then the company  might need to settle for a less expensive database despite it’s needs

 Software infrastructure – This refers to the other software that will need to be used with the chosen database.  Some applications require a specific database in order to function.

 Other factors are

 Database and System Administration

Manpower costs

Other Costs


 2) Factors to be included in calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) for an enterprise-wide database system.

 Some factors to consider when Calculating Return on Investment are:

 Yearly Total Cost of Operation: The amount of money needed to run the database for one year

 Database performances: The comparison, speed and efficiency of similar databases (SQL server, Informix etc) and how they would perform for the same large transaction for the whole year


Mixed Database models:  Organizations should consider whether to use a single database like Oracle or mix different databases (Oracle and DB2 etc) for savings. 

Hardware/ Software costs: Hardware and software costs can make a huge difference from one database system to another.

 Other factors include


Data Consolidation

Cost of changing databases

Maintenance costs

Applications Costs

Database and System Administration

Manpower costs

Other Costs

Total Database budget



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